The Secret to Happy and Engaged Employees

Effective talent retention and development strategies are critical for reducing turnover. Personality assessments provide insight into what employees like to do on the job and how they like to do it. This information allows managers to develop stronger connections with their team and raise employee engagement rates, which can ultimately lead to:

  • Greater productivity
  • Increased retention
  • Happier customers

Personality assessments improve understanding of personnel and help managers guide their employees on a path to success. Develop meaningful relationships with employees, and foster a culture they want to remain part of.

The McQuaig coaching guide portion of the Word Survey for talent retention and development
The McQuaig coaching guide portion of the Word Survey for employee retention and development.
Find out what you can learn about yourself and your employees. Try an assessment!

Leverage McQuaig tools to improve:

Employee Development
Provide employees with tools to help them enhance self-awareness, play to their strengths, and manage their areas of development. Empower your team to own their development and set clearly defined goals.
Coaching and Training
Obtain actionable insight into how to best coach and train employees according to their working and learning preferences. Understand how to adjust your approach to communicate best with your employees and meet them where they are.
Succession Planning
Identify opportunities for promotion using natural skills as a piece of the puzzle. Determine what employees may need to succeed in higher roles and develop those skills accordingly.
McQuaig tools can

  • Provide employees with a report that’s written specifically to them
  • Facilitate employees’ understanding of their natural strengths and areas of development
  • Empower employees with realistic action items to create personal goals in line with business objectives
McQuaig tools can

  • Supply managers with a clear list of do’s and don’ts for each employee
  • Provide guidance for structuring learning programs for best results
  • Offer guidelines for managing employees in team situations
McQuaig tools can

  • Compare manager and employee profiles on a single page to discuss best strategies for communication
  • Contrast employee profiles with those of higher positions and obtain a strengths and gap analysis
  • Understand strengths and areas of development specific to leadership and sales roles to focus development accordingly
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