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Define Job Requirements

Define and benchmark the behavioural requirements for any position with The McQuaig Job Survey®.

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Assess Candidate Potential

Evaluate the behaviour patterns and temperament a candidate will bring to the job with The McQuaig Word Survey®.

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Identify and Develop Leaders

Increase employees' personal effectiveness, enhance leadership development and support career counseling with The McQuaig Self-Development Survey®.

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Survey Reports

Retain your best and brightest with insight to assess and manage people.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • In a recent Harvard Business Review article, author David Zweig made the case that companies may be missing the boat on retaining some of their most valuable employees by not recognizing what he calls the "Invisibles." Invisibles are those employees who are extremely capable, talented and committed, but who avoid the spotlight and aren't looking for fame and recognition. The contributions they make tend to improve the work of those around them and elevate the output of entire departments and companies. Often, though, they only get noticed when something goes wrong. And losing them can do real damage to a company.

  • You have worked hard to build up the culture of your company. Everyone on board fits in and work progresses smoothly. New slots have opened up and it's time to hire new employees. Just what should you look for to guarantee that the new employees will not only fit in, but will be an all around asset? Skills? Cultural fit? Personality? In her article for Inc Magazine, Hiring? Personality Trumps Skills, Jessica Stillman reported on a survey of 500 professionals conducted by Hyper Island. The title should give you some idea of what they found

  • If statistics are to be believed, it seems that most in HR have realized that social recruiting is something they have to embrace. According to Jobvite, 94% of HR professionals surveyed are currently using or plan to use social media in their recruiting efforts. That's only good news, though, if you're using it correctly. Social media is most effective as a hiring tool when it's used to recruit passive candidates. According to that same survey, only 52% of those using social media are using it in this way. The upside here is that passive recruiting is the most effective way to attract top performers. So, if you use this new channel how its most effective, not only will you get the most out of it, you'll also improve your ability to attract the candidates who will add the most value to your organization. Now, how do you do that? More good news here, the answer lies down the hall with your colleagues in marketing.