The Missing Piece You Have Been Looking For

Personality assessments are the tool that will improve your hiring process. They provide you with information about a candidate’s behaviour that you would otherwise not have known until they were six months into the role. This insight enables you to make better hiring decisions and integrate new employees into your organization seamlessly.

Personality Assessments Help You To:

  • Reduce turnover
  • Avoid the cost of a bad hire
  • Lessen new hire learning curve

Compare candidates to your ideal benchmark for each role to determine their level of fit.

McQuaig Job Fit Analysis for recruitment and selection

A valid and reliable personality assessment tool that helps you to define your roles, assess candidates, make the right hire, and onboard them effectively.


Determine the characteristics that are required for success in various roles, according to the people who know your company and those roles best: that being you and your employees. Base ideal profiles on stakeholder input as well as actual performance.


Send your potential hires a simple 15 minute survey that they can complete from anywhere on any device. With quick and flexible reports, you can see where to probe deeper in your interviews along with obtaining the behaviour based questions to do so.

To supplement your evaluation, you can also send your candidates a 15 minute Mental Agility Test (MMAT). This is a cognitive assessment that measures their speed of thought, their ability to think and learn quickly, as well as their ability to absorb new information, systems, and processes. If you need them to ramp up quickly and tackle problems on the spot, this will give you a strong indication of whether they are up to the challenge.


Once you have made the right hire, get them up to speed with actionable insights into their working and learning style. With our comprehensive profiling, you can understand the ins and outs of your new employee and how to best support them.

We’ve got the insight you need to improve your hiring process. Test it for yourself!

Empower HR and Managers To Conduct Better Interviews: 

  • Obtain behaviour based interview questions specific to gaps between the candidate and your ideal profile
  • Review positive and negative examples of behaviour to listen for in candidate responses
  • Utilize rating scales to evaluate candidate responses and compare them to one another

Send Assessments and Generate Reports With Ease:

  • Send assessments in 1 minute or less
  • Generate reports immediately after assessments are complete
  • Access the platform on any device

McQuaig Online Dashboard - access report to improve employee recruitment and selection

With Additional Features and Functionality:

  • Compare multiple candidates to your ideal benchmark all on one page
  • Provide positive feedback to candidates with a ready-made report
  • Obtain an executive summary on candidates for those managers who just want the high level info

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